A Pie as Bright as Spring


This year’s early spring weather begs for a bright and sprightly dessert. With my favorite budget supermarket (four letters starting and ending with vowels!) featuring green grapes and oranges at really bargain prices, it was time to pull out this dessert that is not as hard as it looks, and its looks are pretty spectacular.

I used a quick pie crust recipe that goes together quickly, in the same pan you will bake the pie in, but this could be made even more quickly with a purchased pie shell. The rest of the recipe is completed in the microwave, and total prep time other than the crust is not much more than 15 to 20 minutes. The link to the pie filling recipe is here:

Green Grape Pie and Raspberry Pie

One change that I made this time–I added about two teaspoons of finely chopped orange peel to the glaze layer for an even more intense orange flavor.

And the crust, if you want to make your own quickly:

Pat in the Pan Piecrust and More

With the grapes at 95 cents a pound and oranges in a four pound bag for $1.49, this was a very inexpensive dessert and a refreshing change from some heavier meal enders.

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