An Update–Banana Cupcakes


Several months ago I posted a wonderful family recipe for Banana Cake, an easy recipe that everyone seems to enjoy. This weekend, when my granddaughter and I had an opportunity to spend time with Great Grandma, we decided to do some baking in the old family kitchen. The request was for cupcakes, so we pulled out the old recipe and Granddaughter learned how to move from cake to cupcakes, and she shared the frosting application she learned at her first 4H meeting. The highlight of it all was getting a phone call from her great uncle to tell Granddaughter that these were “the best cupcakes we ever tasted!”

Here is the link to the original post:

Prepare as given in the recipe and then put into paper-lined muffin tins instead of a cake pan. This makes about 18 to 20 cupcakes. The baking time just needs to be shortened to about 18 to 20 minutes.

And then the frosting application approach: Put the frosting in a small zippered bag, seal, and clip a corner off the bag. Use this as an applicator bag to spread the frosting on the cupcakes.

And, if you want to get really creative, poke a little hole in the middle of a cupcake and force some of the frosting into the center for a “filled” cupcake. (My guess is that extra dollop of frosting put these cupcakes over the top into best ever!)

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